Master of Science Degree in Medical Sciences (Non-thesis)

LSU Health Shreveport now offers a newly-developed non-thesis Master of Science degree program in Medical Sciences. This program supports the academic success of students wishing to attend post-baccalaureate medical professional schools - but who may need additional education to become well-prepared learners and successful applicants. 

In our Medical Sciences MS program, you will take gross anatomy with a full cadaver lab, alongside our Allied Health students. Didactic courses in basic science and organ-system physiology will be taken with our graduate students, taught by the faculty who teach similar content to our medical students.  You will also take an Experiential Medical Sciences course - a course specifically designed for the Medical Sciences MS program. In this context you will participate in small-group clinical correlation exercises, join in journal club discussions of recent high-impact biomedical research publications and attend professional development sessions. Additionally, you will shadow our clinical faculty and attend clinically-oriented seminars/grand rounds on the LSUHS campus. To help guide you, each student will have regular meetings with an assigned faculty mentor. 

The Medical Sciences MS program offers a rigorous curriculum that will prepare you for your next step, be it medical, allied health, dental or other similar post-baccalaureate medical professional programs. We look forward to being part of your future success!



Inaugural Class of 2023 Graduates accepted to Medical School


Class of 2024 engaged in collaboration study.

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Program Features

  • Non-thesis
  • Completed in 12 months  |  Taught by LSUHS Faculty
  • Gross anatomy with full cadaver lab, basic science and organ-system based didactic courses
  • Team-based, clinical correlation exercises that complement didactic material
  • Shadowing of our clinical Faculty
  • Individualized mentoring by assigned Faculty mentor
  • Professional development guidance


Gross Anatomy

One of the distinctive aspects of our program is that it offers a full cadaveric dissection laboratory within the gross anatomy course.   This experience will give you a powerful advantage in any post-baccalaureate medical professional program that you may ultimately attend.  



Application Opens: October 2, 2024
Application Closes: March 28, 2025



  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution 
  • A minimum undergraduate science and cumulative GPA of at least 3.0. Provisional admission may be granted for lower GPAs
  • Successful completion of prerequisites typically needed for application to medical professional schools e.g., advanced level biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, math (algebra and trigonometry or calculus) plus at least a semester of psychology, sociology, and biochemistry.
  • The M.S. in Medical Sciences program does not accept transfer of credits from other institutions or programs to count toward the M.S. degree in Medical Sciences (non-thesis).


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  • Application fee ($38)
  • Official transcripts from each College/University attended
  • Not required, but if taken, entrance examination scores (MCAT, DAT, PCAT, GRE)
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Resume or curriculum vitae
  • Personal statement

Hear from Our Students



Summer 2024

Fall 2023

Spring 2024

LA Resident

$ 2,927.50

$ 5,046.50

$ 5,077.50

Non LA Resident

$ 7,927.50

$ 12,546.50

$ 12,577.50


Semester 1 - Summer: 8 credit hours

MSMS 260

Comprehensive Human Structural Biology (Anatomy)

5 credits

letter grade


Experiential Medical Sciences

1 credit


MSMS 245

Medical Ethics

2 credits

letter grade

Semester 2 - Fall: 10 hours

MSMS 110

Basic Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology      

3 credits

letter grade
MSMS 118 Cell Biology and Signaling 3 credits letter grade
MSMS 265 Human Neuroanatomy 2 credits letter grade


Experiential Medical Sciences

2 credits


Semester 3 - Spring: 12 hours

MSMS 212

Cardiovascular System 1.5 credit

letter grade

MSMS 213

Renal System       

1 credit letter grade
MSMS 214 Respiratory System 1 credit letter grade

MSMS 216

Gastrointestinal System 1 credit letter grade

MSMS 217

Endocrine Systems

1 credit

letter grade
MSMS 218 Nervous System 1.5 credits letter grade
MSMS 261 Integrative Structural Biology (Histology) 3 credits letter grade
MSMS 290C Experiential Medical Sciences 2 credits S/U

M.S. in Medical Sciences (Non-thesis)