Research Labs

A major emphasis of the Department is research in the areas of immunology and host defense; molecular bacteriology, infectious disease pathogenesis; and molecular and tumor virology. Visit the labs below to learn more about individual research labs.


Bodily Lab
Regulation of host gene expression by human papillomaviruses

Gestal Lab -
Pathogens manipulation of host immune responses

Guo Lab
Pathogenesis of Herpes Simplex Virus and Cytomegalovirus

Ivanov Lab -
Immunity to vacuolar bacterial pathogens, pathogen discrimination pathways of the immune system

Kamil Lab
Human cytomegalovirus replication, viral cyclin-dependent kinase mimicry, virus-cell interactions

Kim Lab
Gene expression and regulation of the Equine Herpesvirus 1 (EHV-1) and Varicella-Zoster virus (VZV)

McGee Lab - 
Helicobacter pylori and Arcanobacterium haemolyticum host-pathogen interactions

Muggeridge Lab
Biology of herpesvirus glycoproteins and membrane fusion

Sapp Lab
Virus-cell interactions, pathogenesis of human papillomaviruses

Scott Lab
Molecular pathogenesis of Epstein-Barr virus in tumor progression

Woolard Lab
Lipid metabolic regulation of macrophage function that contributes to disease pathogenesis

Yurochko Lab
Human cytomegalovirus host cell Interactions


Microbiology and Immunology