The Department of Molecular and Cellular Physiology recruits highly motivated individuals from undergraduate biomedical backgrounds who wish to pursue a rewarding career in biomedical research. Our PhD program provides individualized training for each student to successfully fulfill the requirements leading to the attainment a PhD degree. This provides highly skilled graduates with the investigative tools necessary for an intellectually challenging and rewarding career in an ever-evolving field at academic, industrial or government institutions.

The graduate program consists of lecture courses, seminar presentations and independent research. Our program emphasizes the need for a strong, knowledgeable background of reviewed literature, a well-planned experimental approach to problem solving, and skilled interpretation of results. In addition, students will be guided in the development of superior written and oral communication skills.


PhD Program

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The first emphasis of the doctoral training program will be formal coursework. Every student is expected to have knowledge in and a firm understanding of current concepts, experimental approaches, and recent developments in the major field of Physiology. To obtain this foundation, the student is required to complete a core curriculum of graduate courses and to supplement this core with other courses recommended by his/her major professor and/or the Advisory Committee.


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“I chose LSU Health Science Shreveport for my PhD program because of its excellent reputation in the field, notably in translation research and clinical training, which are directly related to my academic interests. The institution's emphasis on multidisciplinary collaboration and cutting-edge resources will provide an ideal setting for me to conduct in-depth research and make a meaningful contribution to my chosen field of study” - T. Islam


Qualifying for our PhD Program



Expectations & Opportunities

Grade Requirements

To receive a graduate degree, a student must have at least a "B" average on all work taken as a graduate student. A student will be dropped from the rolls of the School of Graduate Studies if the student's cumulative average is below a "B" for three (3) consecutive semesters. Credits received in thesis or dissertation research are not used in computing the grade point average. A Summer term is counted as a semester. Students in serious scholastic difficulties may be dropped from the rolls at the end of any semester if the Department and Dean feel that the student is not qualified to continue.

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Graduate Program

Molecular and Cellular Physiology


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