STUDENT HANDBOOK  |  School of Graduate Studies


Dear Students:

Welcome to the Louisiana State University Health Shreveport School of Graduate Studies. I am delighted that you have chosen to join the program here to pursue a Ph.D., the highest academic degree awarded by this school, or one of our M.S. degrees in Biomedical Sciences or Medical Sciences. Your training at our institution will prepare you to achieve successful careers in academia, research, industry or numerous other professions. Each of the Departments has designed a curriculum that will provide you with the background and skills required for a successful career. Some courses are part of a core curriculum for all graduate students, and others are specific for individual programs.

This handbook is meant to be a reference for your graduate studies and will be updated annually. It is intended to be the official source for information about Graduate School policies and procedures. Information about each of the programs can be found by following the links to relevant websites. Also included is general information about LSU Health Shreveport School of Graduate Studies Policies and specific information about the LSU Health Shreveport Campus.

Please remember that although we, the faculty and staff, are here to guide you in your educational path, ultimately you are responsible for your own learning. Your success is largely in your hands. I urge you to take ownership of your education, and especially your research efforts. As you do, you grow in independence, competence, and preparation for your career.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or your departmental Program directors if you need more information. I wish the best to all of you during your studies here!


Jason Bodily, PhD
Associate Dean, School of Graduate Studies
Associate Professor, Microbiology and Immunology


The Office for the School of Graduate Studies is located on the first floor of the BRI, F1-32A.

Barbara Tillman, School of Graduate Studies Project Coordinator, is available to address questions regarding courses, scheduling, Moodle, the Graduate Student Council, social events in the school, registration, financial aid, visa and other issues for international students, and other issues that pertain to your education while at LSUHS.  You may contact Barbara at:

    318-675-4704 (phone)

Vivi McCranie, School of Graduate Studies Project Coordinator, is available to address questions regarding the MS degree in Medical Sciences, Postdoctoral Fellows, and the MD-PhD Program.  You may contact Vivi at:

     318-675-4061 (phone)