Our Mission

The mission of the LSU Health Shreveport PDA is to facilitate the long-term success of its members by improving, supporting, and enriching the postdoctoral fellows' experience and environment here at LSU Health Shreveport through:
  1. Acting as a liaison between the postdoctoral fellows and university leadership, and presenting the interests and needs of the postdocs to the postdoctoral office and the School of Graduate Studies
  2. Supporting the professional development of the postdoctoral fellows by connecting them to resources available at LSUHS, regionally, and nationally; to enrich their career development opportunities and facilitate becoming better researchers, educators, and professionals
  3. Fostering a connection and community among the LSUHS postdoctoral fellows by creating opportunities to socialize and build networks
  4. Advocating for and supporting postdoctoral fellows' needs, and providing an inclusive, diverse, and safe outlet through which to voice their concerns
  5. Clearly defining the roles, rights, and responsibilities of a postdoctoral position
  6. Creating a safe environment and equal opportunities for all postdocs independent of their background, origin, gender, race, sexual orientation and identity, religion, ability, accessibility, and intellectual or socioeconomic status

What our Postdocs are saying ...

"LSU Health Shreveport is an estimable institution at which to conduct postdoctoral research and training. The graduate school, though small, contains all the resources necessary to conduct impactful research, and many PIs have fostered meaningful collaborations with scientists worldwide. Smaller lab sizes, a variety of research interests, and our growing postdoc community make for a supportive environment for both training and personal growth. Shreveport is an excellent place to live, with plenty of activities for adults and families, and without the big-city vibes or price tag. I can heartily recommend LSU Health Shreveport as a valuable stop along your postdoctoral journey."






Jason Bodily (Jason.Bodily@lsuhs.edu)
Vivi McCranie (Vivi.McCranie@lsuhs.edu)

► For questions about relocating to Shreveport, please contact any of the PDA officers.




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Why Train in Shreveport, Louisiana?

map of louisiana graphic with text: Shreveport, LA Third Largest City
Text: 184,021 Population
house graphic with text: $185K Median Housing, Cost of Living 91.9% of the national average
car graphic with text: 5 hours to New Orleans, 3 hours to Dallas, Texas

A great place to live, work & play!

Check out these videos for a virtual tour of our city.

Fun for Kids and Family Activities calendar and resources.

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If you have any questions about Shreveport, just reach out to us for more information.

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Jason Bodily
Associate Dean of Graduate Studies

Vivi McCranie
Project Coordinator